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IBC Agitaors


IBC Agitators

What are IBC Mixers (Intermediate Bulk Containers)

Euromixers unique range of industrial IBC mixers / agitators are designed for use on industry standard Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC's) the E-400 folding impeller fits through a standard 150mm screwed cap to quickly re-suspend the containers which has settled out during transportation and storage.

Why should I want to mix the IBC?

Among the compelling reasons are:

    • You can make sure that the contents of the IBC are properly mixed after transport or storage and you may well be able to use the contents straight from the IBC.
    • You get significant space savings over alternatives (such as decanting into drums)
    • You get significant savings in time.
    • You minimize the risks of contamination of the contents through transfer to other containers.
    • You minimise the risks of spillage.
    • You only have one container to clean afterwards.

What IBCs can I mix in?

We can supply equipment and advice on mixing in any non-baffled standard UN IBC container of 800 or 1000 litre capacity, with a 150mm screw cap.

What options do I have for powering the mixer?

We can provide mixers powered by:

    • Electric Power (380 - 415 V 3-Phase, the standard motor)
    • Compressed air

Can I control the mixer speed?

Yes you can, see below:

    • 380/415 V 3-Phase
      Yes! - Using the optional electronic speed control)
    • Air
      Yes! - By throttling the air supply to the motor.  The motors have air control valves and mufflers.

What about power connection to the electric motors?

The motors come with a 4-pin connection (16 amp).  We can supply extension cables (steel - wire armoured) as optional extras.

There is a Start/Stop button built into the mixer, operated at the mixer.

What about direct drive mixers versus gear drive mixers?

Below shows the difference between them both:

    • Direct Drive
      For low viscosity products, a direct-drive mixer may well be the best solution because shaft speeds can be relatively high.
    • Gear Drive
      Broadly speaking, the more viscous the mix, the more you need to consider whether a gear drive mixer provides the solution for a given degree of agitation of the mix.  Shaft speeds may be lower than direct drive mixers.
    • The gearboxes are sealed for life and use food-grade synthetic lubricants.

Finding the best combination of motor, impeller and gear system (if required) can be a complex process.  For more information, contact us and we will advise you.

What impellers and shafts are available?

We can offer:

    • High speed dual or single fixed impellers (for high speed mixing)
    • Slower speed folding impellers (for slower speed mixing)
    • Other, more specialist types of impeller.
    • A standard finish on the impeller or a polished finish.


We can supply:

    • Shafts of 13mm, 16mm and 20mm diameter.
    • Shafts made from 316 stainless steel, with other materials.

How can I attach the mixer to the IBC container?

    • Light weight.
    • Quick release clamps for fast work.

Can I easily move the mixer and bridging unit?

Yes! - The motor has a lifting eye, which can handle the weight of the motor and bridging unit.  The bridging unit can also have optional bolt-on attachments to allow the user of a folk-lift truck.

Have you considered safety?

Yes! - Electrical and mechanical safety features include:

    • A safety interlock on the bridging unit, so the motor won't start unless the toggle clamps are properly secured.
    • An overload relay fitted to the motor.
    • The electric motors are protected to IP55 standard.

Have you considered ATEX?

Yes! - We can supply mixers for use in potentially explosive vapour or dust environments and can advise on compliance with ATEX regulations.  Contact us to talk about your requirements.

Remember, you must always consider the possible build up of electrostatic charges in the product and in the walls of the IBC (especially when using a polypropylene IBC).  This can happen in products and workplace areas where you may not consider the ATEX regulations apply.  We can also advice on this.

Can you advise on the addition of other ingredients to the mixing operation?

Yes - Hopper equipment is available to allow other ingredients to be added.  The equipment can be used to add powder or liquid and can be adjusted to add measure quantities.

Can I mix in stacked IBCs?

Yes! - We can supply special bridging units to allow the mixing of product in stacked IBCs.  This means that you can mix in any one of a stack of IBCs, provided you put the mixers in place before you stack the IBCs.

Can you give me any information on mixer size and selection?

Yes - Check the tables below for an indication of the best solution.  You will need to know the viscosity of the product and ideally, the size of IBC.  The tables are based around a 1000 litre IBC.  Remember though, that the option selection will only give you an approximation.  It is best to contact us before ordering.


What information will you need when I call you?

We can help you most if you tell us about:

The product to be mixed.

    • The viscosity and SG of the product.
    • The IBC type and size.
    • Whether the mixer will be used in a hazardous area.