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Portable Agitators


What are Portable Agitators?Gearboxes are sealed for life and use food-grade lubricants.

Portable clamp on mixers offer a cost effective solution for small batch mixing applications where versatility is essential.

Can I control the mixer speed?

    • 110v - 220/240v - 380/415v
      YES! - Using the optional electronic speed control.
    • Air
      YES! - By throttling the air supply to the motor.

What about direct drive mixers VERSUS gear drive mixers?

Direct Drive
For low viscosity product, a direct-drive mixer may well be the best solution because shaft speeds can be relatively high.

Gear Drive
Broadly speaking, the more viscous the mix, the more you need to consider whether a gear drive mixer provides the solution for a given degree of agitation of the mix.  Shaft speeds may be lower than direct drive mixers.

The gearboxes are sealed for life and use food-grade lubricants.Portable Agitators Impellers and Shafts

Finding the best combination of motor, impeller and gear system (if required) can be a complex process.  For more information, contact us and we will advise you.

What impellers and shafts are available?

Our standard-fit impeller is a general purpose unit - best where low viscosity products are to be mixed.  If you let us know your requirements, we can advise on whether to use:

    • Radial flow impeller
    • Saw-tooth impeller
    • Several types of folding impellers, to enable access to containers like 210 litre drums and IBC containers
    • Other, more specialist types of impeller
    • A standard finish on the impeller, or a polished finish.

We can supply:

    • Shafts of 1000mm, 1200mm and 1500mm length
    • Shafts of 13mm, 16mm and 20mm diameter
    • Shafts with an optional quick release fastening to the motor, so you don't need to fit or remove the shaft.
    • Shafts made from stainless steel with other options available.

How can I attach the mixer to the container?

There are a range of possible attachment options for 25, to 210-litre drums, IBC and other containers.  These include:

    • Bung hole mounting - straight onto the bung hole of a 25 to 210-litre drum
    • Cup plate mountin
    • Clamp mounting, for attachment to drums with removable lids, tank sides and IBC container-frames.
    • Tri-clamp standard mounting for IBC containers, for quick connection directly to the vessel and equally quick disconnection.Portable Agitator Attachment

Can I attach the mixer to a transportable stand?

YES! - Transportable stand options are available, with different attachment options.  We can advise on this.

Have you considered ATEX?

YES - We can supply mixers for use in potentially explosive vapour or dust environments.  Contact us to talk about your requirements.

Can you supply special-purpose mixers?

YES - We can supply a range of mixers for special purpose applications.  These mixers are constructed to be easily sterilised to offer best optimisation for small-batch food, drink and pharmaceutical mixing.